Your Eating Personality

The quiz below has been created to help you become more aware about your eating patterns and relationship with food, especially when stressed or in diet mode. There are four different eating personalities.  Each personality has its strengths as well as potential risks.  As a side note, this quiz is not meant to define you or make you feel worse about yourself.  Have fun exploring!



These have been created for those seeking Nourishment, Food Flexibility and Flavor.


The SAMPLE MEAL PLAN below is a guide for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Lindsay is more than a nutrition coach. She is a healer and a deeply caring soul. Her focus is not only on healthy eating but on healing her clients' relationship with food. She gives her clients permission to eat, to enjoy food, and to fuel their bodies with goodness while removing the self-imposed stigma that so many of us have for certain foods. No starvation or restriction ever. Her approach is refreshing and much needed in our fast-paced, convenience-focused world. She is one in a billion. Highly recommend!" 

Rachael Colacino, M.B.A.
Head Coach and Founder, Rachael's Runners
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Pose Running Technique Specialist